Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Sartorialist + Garance Dore

Yesterday I managed to meet both Scott Schuman and Garance Dore at Scott's book signing at Liberty. I didn't realise Garance would be there so was ecstatic when I caught sight of her.

The signing began at 7.00pm by which time a two hour queue of picture perfect fashionistas had formed but it was worth the wait. Scott was determined to meet everyone who had queued, and personally went round the queue around 9ish, when the store was due to close, telling fans he would continue signing till everyone was seen.



They were both so lovely and friendly, and couldn't say no to pictures and chatting despite the staff's best efforts to usher fans through. I love Garance, her accent, simple makeup, blog, sketches, everything! She looked amazing in a high waisted mini skirt which showcased her amazing legs in some killer heels and a simple black blouse. I chatted to her about two of her recent posts, one about her sisters and another about where to find skinny track pants (AA in a small size if you're interested) and how best to wear them 'with high heels?' 'but of course!'. I could have chatted for ages but I realised I was being selfish, said goodbye clutching my freshly signed book, and happy in the knowledge they were both as nice as I had hoped they would be.



Sunday, 20 September 2009

Gap 1969 Carnaby Street

I love Garance Doré so was set on visiting the GAP concept store, opened to celebrate their 40th Birthday for a exactly 19 days and 69 hours.
I managed to bag a pair of the red limited edition jeans in their skinny cut for an amazing £20!
Here are some pictures of the setup.







Oh Marc I never knew you cared



Friday, 18 September 2009

Happy Happy Happy

Yay for Kingston TOPSHOP, I got the Christopher Kane crocodile print dress, the leggings which are amazing and the one sleeved dress which I'm wondering about keeping. All the stuff hasn't sold out on the site like I said, they just hasn't gone live with it so it all looked sold out.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


its 6 in the morning and the fucking chris kane for topshop has already sold out and bits of it are already one ebay. i'm going back to bed!

Monday, 14 September 2009


Even though they broke up 22 years ago, The Smiths are gaining new fans, thanks to 500 Days Of Summer. [Independent]

More leather than a cow

As Baz Luhrmann once said:
If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.

Winter Face

Love this look, but i dunno how i'd feel if some one bleached my eyebrows ginger*
Nothing against red heads, just being brown, it would not look good.

Bitchin Shoe

Oh Topshop
Do i really want to spend £125 on your shoes? no
Do i want the damn shoe? yes

Thursday, 10 September 2009

God Awful Customer Service

Dear Reader please let me know if you can top this example of crap customer service?

I first placed my order on the 2nd July 2009. When I ordered the items it said standard delivery 2-3 days, there was no message on the website at the time that I order that said there would be a delay. Only when I went back onto the website to get the customer service details did it say due to the sale it would take longer to process orders. I should have been emailed this information.

On when I checked the progress of the order using the tracking number given to me after 5 days, it read my order is still being put together to be despatched. I then called to confirm this to be told it actually had been dispatched as should be with me soon.

Parcel arrived I changed my mind about the brief (£55) and bra (£55) and sent the both back together within 3 days of receiving the original parcel.

Waited a little over 2 weeks, as the return policy said but had not heard anything to even confirm that they had been received and were going through the return process at this point I made a second call and spoke to a member of staff who told me the bra had been received and they were processing my refund. I explained to her I had returned 2 items in the one box and there should be 2 items on her system. I was concerned when she said she couldn’t see the second one and would look into it and told me she would call me back. I was never called back

I called again after not hearing anything, I spoke to an advisor who told me my refund had be processed and an e-voucher was on it’s way to me for the value of £35. I was completely baffled as I was at least expecting a refund of £55 for one of the items, the advisor could not explain why I had a £35 refund nor could she see the price I had paid originally. I was most annoyed and was told I would get a call back as she would have to pass it on to another dept to look at. I never got a call back.

Because I have better things to do with my life I left the refund issue. I then received an email on August 11 (over a month after I placed the order) with an e-voucher code attached. The email does not specify the amount I have been refunded so I call up again only to be told that there is no one in the e voucher dept, the advisor couldn’t deal with e vouchers and they would get someone to call me back. I was never called back. You can see a pattern here, right?

I called back a few days later and was told the voucher was worth £70 which still was not right £35 + £70 = £110, I was short by £5, again annoyed I wanted to speak to a manager/supervisor. I was told by this advisor I would receive a call in a few hours from a manager. I never received a call

I called up again was told by advisor that I shouldn’t have been told that I would get a call in a few hours. And they would look into the matter.

I finally receive and email on the 7th September, over 2 months after placing the order telling me the evoucher is for £75 – I now have one voucher for £75 and I should have another for £35. This process have been so long drawn out I can’t remember receiving the £35 e voucher via email, I may have deleted it because it arrived in such an ambiguous email e.g. customer service [ref.XXXX] plus I shouldn’t have 2 separate vouchers I should have 1 because this was all from one order.

I call up again and ask to speak to a supervisor I get put through and explain all of the problems I’ve had again for the 7th time. I’m told I will receive one voucher for the value of £110. I get a call the next day telling me I now have 1 evoucher for £110, I’m given the code over the phone and also request it is emailed to me.

I receive the email with e voucher but now also a message which tells me it has an expiry date. When my boyfriend bought me the evoucher because I could not see any expiration date I emailed them and was told e-vouchers do not have an expiration date. After everything this tops it, why does it now have one?

I'm soo annoyed I have not received any compensation for my time not expenses on calls (checked my bill a 12 minute call cost me £4.18) when I should have been called back on many occasions and really speaking shouldn’t of had to make the calls to start with if they didn’t screw up so royally.

I've now handed this issue over to my boyf to deal with he's obviously annoyed because it was a present from him which he'd never of got me it if he'd known it would cause me so much hassle. He's very good on the phone, customer rights, trading standards and all the rest of it.

I purposely haven't disclosed the name of the company but if they continue to p- me off I will do. Please share your story


Friday, 21 August 2009

My apologies and New stuff

i've been shit a posting for ages, i haven't been on twitter in yonks mainly because i have a new job and its consuming all of my energy, i do love it though. i find myself using my brain and being stressed out. i like it.
ive done a fair bit of shopping in the past few days. reading festival has come and gone and i needed some basics. . . so i ended up with new denim shorts in grey, those butt bearing ones from topshop went back. However cool they look on other girls on their blogs, i now realise i don't live in a blog with beautiful back drops for great photo ops, I live in surrey where those shorts would make me look like a whore.

some awesome basics, white t shirt with ruching detail £3.99, zara sale. it does have a weenie hole but i love the way it hangs and it was a great find in a pile of tat. and if i find a needle i will thread it and hand it to my mum to patch up.


this top but in black i saw it on the ELLE website and tweeted about and a lovely soul told me they saw it in zara a while back, i was sad at the time because zara is a see it by it store, because they sell out quick, and re merch all the time, so i was dead pleased to find it for £3.99 in sale, yeah its a large but i think that makes hang better, with a bikini top under + those shorts. sorted.

i also got a skull scarf. i love McQueen i really do, to the point were if i had to choose one designer to live in forever it would be him, sorry viv your a close second, really close. but yeah, £200 for a scarf £10 from Zara is more like it. good huh? note how nothing is from topshop. . . well in this post anyway.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Dotty P? Whhaaa?

I don't really shop at Dorothy Perkins, no real reason they just don't do anything for me, they aren't particulary fashion forward, and I don't rate the ranges. So what I saw, when gandering around town with my mum, came as a bit of a shock.


The T shirt has poppers running down the side and if you mixed up the order i'm sure you'd end up with a lovely draping effect, It's also V all saints looking but mucho cheaper at £25.
I love the waist belt which comes in other colours but I'd live in the black suede, not bad at £20 and I know they do student discount.
The acid dress doesn't look much as something we've seen for months now in Topshop but it has cut outs at the side, adding a nice bit of sexy detail, £45.
The rip off Balmain jacket is good but unless it's got those shoulders it's like any other military jacket we've seen. £100

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Topshop Sale

After popping back from my Lunchtime shop, I thought I would have a nose at the Topshop site to see if they had put anything on there, much to my smugness they had (you'll find it if you scroll down to the section marked sale in pink, I'm guessing they haven't put it further up the navigation because they are waiting for the stores to catch up) £114 later . . .


Crochet Body By Boutique - Was £38.00 - Now £18.00
Slashed Neckline Dress - Was £30.00 - Now £15.00
Weave Halter Mini - Was £80.00 - Now £45.00
Tall Block Parachute Dress - Was £38.00 - Now £18.00
Mini Dress By Boutique - Was £30.00 - Now £18.00

Lunchtime Shop

Just popped into Topshop and was over joyed to find the staff marking up sale! eeeeek! So i bought a pair of high waisted hotpants, £15 from £25 they are sold out on the site, but I was able to find a picture. They are soooo short I may as well be wandering around in my pants but I love them and they'll be perfect for Reading Festival. I picked up this top too, I hoped it was in sale but it wasn't and by the time I got to the till I was already too in love with it to put it down, but they make the perfect festy outfit.


Hot Look

If I thought this look was office apropriate you know I'd be in it



Monday, 29 June 2009

Loves it

Glow-baby, Glow-baby, Glow!

Not womens wear but gorgeous never the less.


If my boyf wasn't such a typical, messy, doesn't care about 'stuff' boy I'd seriously consider getting them for him.

£198 from £395 @ oki-ni

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Finger Gloves

One of my favorite blogs is Bleach Black, they post every day and are a lot more reliable when I comes to getting your fashion fix than I have been of late *hangs head in shame*.


I was so chuffed when I saw Kristin had posted these palmless? (is that right?) leather gloves. I've wanted these for soo long, since seeing something similar on Kylie Minogue I was ecstatic to find that the Patricia Field site ships to the UK! Woo only problem now, working out what size I'll be.

Very Viv Topshop

Another Topshop designer look alike Vivienne Westwood wannabe Red Label at Topshop for a mere £35.


It doesn't look great on the mannequin but on a real person it would cling and drape in all the right places.

Topshop does Gareth Pugh

Well sort of... what do you think of Topshops Cosmic dress?


yours for £38

Be quick though they are already out of size 8 :( boo!

I couldn't believe it when I saw it as I was thinking this morning about the same shoulders but on a blazer, seeing the Balmain ones I'll never afford and that shape it a little too distinctive to replicate just yet.
Topshop if you are listening I'm hoping you'll bring out a blazer with these shoulders, and I can guarantee you, you'll have at least one customer

Monday, 8 June 2009


If i didnt already have these. . .

. . . . I'd get these.
so damn perfect

Topshop £80

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The most beautiful man

I need me this issue!


London Clothes Show Review

Though I did my placement the week before last, Sip kindly invited me up to the London Clothes Show Live on Friday.

I've never been to LCS before because it's normally hosted up in Birmingham and London Fashion Weekend twice a year is normally enough for me, so I was excited to see how the two would compare.

I have to say I was disappointed, this might be me being unfair as we all know with the recession etc companies aren't spending as much and are cutting back on shows, but given this even is called London Clothes Show I expected there to be . . . well, more clothes. There was loads of make up/hair and body stands

Lush's Never to busy to be beautiful
Fake Bake
St Topez
Famous by Sue Moxley
London college of Beauty Therapy

It was like a giant Superdrug

From the clothing exhibitors they only brand I recognised was Religion, and they weren't selling the greatest stuff either.
Other clothing stands had some ok bits, Elegantly Waisted, a great name for a brand, but sold vintage like band tees which looked just like the amplified ones from 3 years ago, just not as good.

Lots of jewellry stands, some nice pieces but nothing that I'm looking for at the moment.
For shoes there was Steve Madden which had some great shoes but were still expensive, jewel and sparkly encrusted gladiator sandals for £65. . .erm no, not when Tk maxx will have them next summer for £24.99.

The highlight of the day for me was catching a gimps of George Lamb, I think he's lovely, and getting my Ray Bans standard classic aviators for £63, I was a bit worried about if they fake but I've done my research and they are real, which is fab because they retail at £109.

There were lots of magazines stands, if you bought company you got a range of stuff with it including a coral rimmel nail vanish, good on toes would have never bought it otherwise, green mossy rimmel eye shadow , actually nice. Sanitary towels, voucher for 20% of new look, Maybelline foundation sachet.

With Hair Ideas you got some expensive shampoo and spray worth £18, so I got that and gave it to the boyf. He loves a bit of pricey shampoo.

With another hair mag you got a can of dry shampoo, going Reading Festival this year so thought might as well.

On the way out there was a ‘free’ goodie bag which consisted of a T shirt: with clothes show live 09 written on it, I’d rather a canvas bag, a kit kat senses, a new imperial leather wash called skin bliss < it’s amazing and I will be buying again, more sanitary towels, eye drops, freederm face wash sample size, a pouch of fabric conditioner, various flyers, a foot spray and other sachets of make up/creams.

It wasn’t a bad goodie bag if you think its free but the ticket price for CSL was £32 and London fashion weekend is £15/£20. It was also a pain in the arse to get to as the tube wasn't running, If I got free tickets I’d go again but I wouldn’t pay the £32.

Sip Placement

So as I said I have been busy.


I did a placement at Sip drink which was fantastic. It definitely helped me work out what kinda of stuff I'd like to do in the future when it comes to marketing.

I'll tell you a little more about them:
Sip is a natural flavoured water, I know you think you've heard it all be for but Sip is the only drink on the market which is enriched with botanical ingredients to benefit your skin, it's all natural, there really are no nasties in it, not even preservatives and better yet
everything is sourced from the UK, green credentials check.

Now this is where I would direct you to the website but because it's not all correct, not their fault, honest.
You are better off adding them on twitter and getting some lovely tweets from Genna.
She's great, and will help you source out where to get Sip.


Something different

Is it just me or are you already bored of the washed out bleached denim thats over saturated our high street? I am.
Looking for something new I found this mesh dress from TOPSHOP.
I like it, because it kind reminds me of a line that Lip Service did, when I was going through my grungy, gothy, slutty phase, but minus rivets, bondage like straps and exposed zips.


Stripe Mesh Jersey Dress £38

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Why can't my hair have this texture!


Still trying to get on top of my google reader and I stumbled upon this image on
The Stylish Wanderer

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Shoe Storage

Being away for a week has sent my google reader into overdrive, times 2, as my Internet connection was being particularly flakey last week.
I've organised the many blogs I read into categories they are as follows:

Make up
Men's Fashion

And pretty much read in that order... anyway I'm doing some catching up and I found this picture on bryanboy (I love his blog, do add to your reader)
What I want to know is where can I get me one of these shoe holders to hang on my door for some of my 50 odd pairs of shoes?
Any ideas?


My apologies

I know I've been awful at my posts the last. . . 20 days, I have valid excuses, honest.

1. I went on holiday to Turkey, it was a week of pure lazyness
2. I had a placement at Sip, which I will tell you more about in another post. Just know that I had a great time there and coming back to normal work today has been hard.

Either way I should have posted something, sorry.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Kate Moss @ Costume Institute Gala

How much do you wanna bet on this golden turd being re-invented for the next Moss Topshop collaboration?
Image Source: stylecritics

Monday, 27 April 2009

Topshop Sale

Topshop currently have sale, it here that I'd normally post my picks but the selection on the website is poor, the selection of stock is the odd bit of winter stock and slow lines from the mid season range. Anything that looks half decent is out of most sizes so pointless for me to post.

If you do fancy a bargain buy head to the stores, I've managed to pick up a few bits that aren't online and even some bits from the last TS sale so they are silly cheap, like high waist skinny jeans £10 from £45.
The black Mongolian Fur jacket i've been wanting for ages but couldn't justify the £80 price even from £150, I got that for £40 at Topshop Westfield.
A beautiful lace trench coat £175 to £40.
A pair of red snake skin like heel courts for £30 from £50. . . I think.
I'll post piccies later, promise, promise, promise!

A bit of Bass on this awful Monday morning

Better, no?


source: Getty

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Top 10 TK Maxx Shopping Tips

Here are my shopping tips for one of my favorite stores

  1. Go at a quiet time during the week, it’s far less busy than on the weekend, and if you can in the morning, the stock is tidy and if you’re lucky you’ll get first pick of a new delivery.

  2. Prepare to spend a while looking. Whilst some people hate the haphazard layout and clothing being grouped by size I quite like it, it gives you the opportunity to see things you wouldn’t normally look for, discover new brand and it’s in your size.

  3. Definitely check out the ‘young fashion’ section they get lots of ‘on trend’ pieces in. I just popped in on my lunch and found look-a-like Louis Vuitton graffiti leggings for £7.99 I’m not saying I’d wear them, but you know, as an example.
    The young section also gets brands such as lulu & red which is much cheaper than the Topshop Oxford Street concession.

  4. If you are shopping with a friend and want to try stuff on use two fitting rooms. I find the fitting rooms a bit on the small size and because I always go in with the max I can take things can get a bit messy!
    Put all the clothing in one fitting room, and take one piece into the other and try it on, hand them back to your lovely friend to put back on the hanger and swap for the next item. Then swap with her and do the same whilst she tries stuff on. This makes the shopping experience a little less stressful and easier, esp if you are shopping for a big event, prom/birthday etc.

  5. I love buying my denim at TK Maxx I wouldn’t get it from anywhere else. I’ve found premium brands at high street prices like Diesel, Clush style which is their skinny jean with zipper detail pocket for £29.99, they can retail from £80 to £120! Actually at £29.99 that’s less than the high street.
    If you are use to a brand and know the style name or number this makes searching easier.

  6. Know your stuff. I can spot brands like Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Ted Baker and Miss Sixty a mile off in TK maxx because I’m familiar with each seasons collection. As time goes on you’ll recognize the stuff featured in your favourite glossies a few months on. This also helps you identify if you really want something or was it just a passing phase

  7. Look at the beauty section; again if you know your brands there are great savings to be made. At the moment St Tropez is rebranding, so the print on packaging has changed, loads of stock featuring the old logo is in TK Maxx at the moment. The gradually facial tanner is £2.99 and it’s still retailing in Boots for £18. They also sell perfumes and great gift sets around Christmas time.

  8. If you are an accessories fan don’t forget to look out the Men’s accessories section, depending on the time of year they get lovely scarves, leather satchels which aren’t displayed with the handbags and belts. They also have a Gizmo section which also sits with the men’s section where they sell wonderfully random bits, like board games, chemistry sets, camping gear, iPod holders, portable speakers, tennis balls… lots of stuff really, but it’s great for gift ideas on a budget.

  9. Keep your receipt, it’s so important you do this, because the stock is every changing and TK Maxx’s inventory across stores so massive, it’s difficult for them to know how much you paid for something and when you bought it, even a bank statement means very little. I’ve also found the price tag is often attached to the garment with the security tag, so may come away when you are at the till point. Make sure you take it with you if you think you might be returning something.

  10. Check back often, sometimes you won’t find anything, other days loads. It really depends on what’s been delivered.
I hope this helps and don’t forget to let me know about your finds

New in at Topshop - April


Monday, 20 April 2009

Dewy Skin

I'm not going to go on about how ground breaking the series of French Elle covers are for not using photoshop because every other fashion blog i love has and quite frankly it's not all that amazing.

Pick up a vintage Vogue from the 80's and you'll see the powdery consistency of caked on eyeshadow and even the hairs on the models arms! wooah!

Instead I will pass on the recipe for dewy skin which consists of
egg yolk; 1 teaspoon honey; 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil; 3-4 drops fresh lemon juice; 3-4 drops pure vitamin E oil and mix well.
Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck.
Allow to dry completely.
Remove with warm water


Some Eye Candy


Style Sightings

Maybe I just have a thing for flags

I'd love this more if it was the union jack.


Agyness Deyn and Henry Holland at Coachella Music Festival 2009

Source : Catwalk Queen

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Nina Ricci Heels

You have to watch this!


Friday, 17 April 2009

Nylon Record Label

Nylon have just branched out into music, starting up a record label. Their first offering is french band The Plastiscines. I ache for the french accent!

Givenchy Glove

Someone get me a bedazzler, Fast!
Source : Fashion Squad

Kelly O

I need this dress! wonder who it is? hmm