Thursday, 10 September 2009

God Awful Customer Service

Dear Reader please let me know if you can top this example of crap customer service?

I first placed my order on the 2nd July 2009. When I ordered the items it said standard delivery 2-3 days, there was no message on the website at the time that I order that said there would be a delay. Only when I went back onto the website to get the customer service details did it say due to the sale it would take longer to process orders. I should have been emailed this information.

On when I checked the progress of the order using the tracking number given to me after 5 days, it read my order is still being put together to be despatched. I then called to confirm this to be told it actually had been dispatched as should be with me soon.

Parcel arrived I changed my mind about the brief (£55) and bra (£55) and sent the both back together within 3 days of receiving the original parcel.

Waited a little over 2 weeks, as the return policy said but had not heard anything to even confirm that they had been received and were going through the return process at this point I made a second call and spoke to a member of staff who told me the bra had been received and they were processing my refund. I explained to her I had returned 2 items in the one box and there should be 2 items on her system. I was concerned when she said she couldn’t see the second one and would look into it and told me she would call me back. I was never called back

I called again after not hearing anything, I spoke to an advisor who told me my refund had be processed and an e-voucher was on it’s way to me for the value of £35. I was completely baffled as I was at least expecting a refund of £55 for one of the items, the advisor could not explain why I had a £35 refund nor could she see the price I had paid originally. I was most annoyed and was told I would get a call back as she would have to pass it on to another dept to look at. I never got a call back.

Because I have better things to do with my life I left the refund issue. I then received an email on August 11 (over a month after I placed the order) with an e-voucher code attached. The email does not specify the amount I have been refunded so I call up again only to be told that there is no one in the e voucher dept, the advisor couldn’t deal with e vouchers and they would get someone to call me back. I was never called back. You can see a pattern here, right?

I called back a few days later and was told the voucher was worth £70 which still was not right £35 + £70 = £110, I was short by £5, again annoyed I wanted to speak to a manager/supervisor. I was told by this advisor I would receive a call in a few hours from a manager. I never received a call

I called up again was told by advisor that I shouldn’t have been told that I would get a call in a few hours. And they would look into the matter.

I finally receive and email on the 7th September, over 2 months after placing the order telling me the evoucher is for £75 – I now have one voucher for £75 and I should have another for £35. This process have been so long drawn out I can’t remember receiving the £35 e voucher via email, I may have deleted it because it arrived in such an ambiguous email e.g. customer service [ref.XXXX] plus I shouldn’t have 2 separate vouchers I should have 1 because this was all from one order.

I call up again and ask to speak to a supervisor I get put through and explain all of the problems I’ve had again for the 7th time. I’m told I will receive one voucher for the value of £110. I get a call the next day telling me I now have 1 evoucher for £110, I’m given the code over the phone and also request it is emailed to me.

I receive the email with e voucher but now also a message which tells me it has an expiry date. When my boyfriend bought me the evoucher because I could not see any expiration date I emailed them and was told e-vouchers do not have an expiration date. After everything this tops it, why does it now have one?

I'm soo annoyed I have not received any compensation for my time not expenses on calls (checked my bill a 12 minute call cost me £4.18) when I should have been called back on many occasions and really speaking shouldn’t of had to make the calls to start with if they didn’t screw up so royally.

I've now handed this issue over to my boyf to deal with he's obviously annoyed because it was a present from him which he'd never of got me it if he'd known it would cause me so much hassle. He's very good on the phone, customer rights, trading standards and all the rest of it.

I purposely haven't disclosed the name of the company but if they continue to p- me off I will do. Please share your story


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