Monday, 6 July 2009

Dotty P? Whhaaa?

I don't really shop at Dorothy Perkins, no real reason they just don't do anything for me, they aren't particulary fashion forward, and I don't rate the ranges. So what I saw, when gandering around town with my mum, came as a bit of a shock.


The T shirt has poppers running down the side and if you mixed up the order i'm sure you'd end up with a lovely draping effect, It's also V all saints looking but mucho cheaper at £25.
I love the waist belt which comes in other colours but I'd live in the black suede, not bad at £20 and I know they do student discount.
The acid dress doesn't look much as something we've seen for months now in Topshop but it has cut outs at the side, adding a nice bit of sexy detail, £45.
The rip off Balmain jacket is good but unless it's got those shoulders it's like any other military jacket we've seen. £100

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Topshop Sale

After popping back from my Lunchtime shop, I thought I would have a nose at the Topshop site to see if they had put anything on there, much to my smugness they had (you'll find it if you scroll down to the section marked sale in pink, I'm guessing they haven't put it further up the navigation because they are waiting for the stores to catch up) £114 later . . .


Crochet Body By Boutique - Was £38.00 - Now £18.00
Slashed Neckline Dress - Was £30.00 - Now £15.00
Weave Halter Mini - Was £80.00 - Now £45.00
Tall Block Parachute Dress - Was £38.00 - Now £18.00
Mini Dress By Boutique - Was £30.00 - Now £18.00

Lunchtime Shop

Just popped into Topshop and was over joyed to find the staff marking up sale! eeeeek! So i bought a pair of high waisted hotpants, £15 from £25 they are sold out on the site, but I was able to find a picture. They are soooo short I may as well be wandering around in my pants but I love them and they'll be perfect for Reading Festival. I picked up this top too, I hoped it was in sale but it wasn't and by the time I got to the till I was already too in love with it to put it down, but they make the perfect festy outfit.


Hot Look

If I thought this look was office apropriate you know I'd be in it