Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Topshop Sale

After popping back from my Lunchtime shop, I thought I would have a nose at the Topshop site to see if they had put anything on there, much to my smugness they had (you'll find it if you scroll down to the section marked sale in pink, I'm guessing they haven't put it further up the navigation because they are waiting for the stores to catch up) £114 later . . .


Crochet Body By Boutique - Was £38.00 - Now £18.00
Slashed Neckline Dress - Was £30.00 - Now £15.00
Weave Halter Mini - Was £80.00 - Now £45.00
Tall Block Parachute Dress - Was £38.00 - Now £18.00
Mini Dress By Boutique - Was £30.00 - Now £18.00

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