Monday, 27 April 2009

Topshop Sale

Topshop currently have sale, it here that I'd normally post my picks but the selection on the website is poor, the selection of stock is the odd bit of winter stock and slow lines from the mid season range. Anything that looks half decent is out of most sizes so pointless for me to post.

If you do fancy a bargain buy head to the stores, I've managed to pick up a few bits that aren't online and even some bits from the last TS sale so they are silly cheap, like high waist skinny jeans £10 from £45.
The black Mongolian Fur jacket i've been wanting for ages but couldn't justify the £80 price even from £150, I got that for £40 at Topshop Westfield.
A beautiful lace trench coat £175 to £40.
A pair of red snake skin like heel courts for £30 from £50. . . I think.
I'll post piccies later, promise, promise, promise!

A bit of Bass on this awful Monday morning

Better, no?


source: Getty

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Top 10 TK Maxx Shopping Tips

Here are my shopping tips for one of my favorite stores

  1. Go at a quiet time during the week, it’s far less busy than on the weekend, and if you can in the morning, the stock is tidy and if you’re lucky you’ll get first pick of a new delivery.

  2. Prepare to spend a while looking. Whilst some people hate the haphazard layout and clothing being grouped by size I quite like it, it gives you the opportunity to see things you wouldn’t normally look for, discover new brand and it’s in your size.

  3. Definitely check out the ‘young fashion’ section they get lots of ‘on trend’ pieces in. I just popped in on my lunch and found look-a-like Louis Vuitton graffiti leggings for £7.99 I’m not saying I’d wear them, but you know, as an example.
    The young section also gets brands such as lulu & red which is much cheaper than the Topshop Oxford Street concession.

  4. If you are shopping with a friend and want to try stuff on use two fitting rooms. I find the fitting rooms a bit on the small size and because I always go in with the max I can take things can get a bit messy!
    Put all the clothing in one fitting room, and take one piece into the other and try it on, hand them back to your lovely friend to put back on the hanger and swap for the next item. Then swap with her and do the same whilst she tries stuff on. This makes the shopping experience a little less stressful and easier, esp if you are shopping for a big event, prom/birthday etc.

  5. I love buying my denim at TK Maxx I wouldn’t get it from anywhere else. I’ve found premium brands at high street prices like Diesel, Clush style which is their skinny jean with zipper detail pocket for £29.99, they can retail from £80 to £120! Actually at £29.99 that’s less than the high street.
    If you are use to a brand and know the style name or number this makes searching easier.

  6. Know your stuff. I can spot brands like Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Ted Baker and Miss Sixty a mile off in TK maxx because I’m familiar with each seasons collection. As time goes on you’ll recognize the stuff featured in your favourite glossies a few months on. This also helps you identify if you really want something or was it just a passing phase

  7. Look at the beauty section; again if you know your brands there are great savings to be made. At the moment St Tropez is rebranding, so the print on packaging has changed, loads of stock featuring the old logo is in TK Maxx at the moment. The gradually facial tanner is £2.99 and it’s still retailing in Boots for £18. They also sell perfumes and great gift sets around Christmas time.

  8. If you are an accessories fan don’t forget to look out the Men’s accessories section, depending on the time of year they get lovely scarves, leather satchels which aren’t displayed with the handbags and belts. They also have a Gizmo section which also sits with the men’s section where they sell wonderfully random bits, like board games, chemistry sets, camping gear, iPod holders, portable speakers, tennis balls… lots of stuff really, but it’s great for gift ideas on a budget.

  9. Keep your receipt, it’s so important you do this, because the stock is every changing and TK Maxx’s inventory across stores so massive, it’s difficult for them to know how much you paid for something and when you bought it, even a bank statement means very little. I’ve also found the price tag is often attached to the garment with the security tag, so may come away when you are at the till point. Make sure you take it with you if you think you might be returning something.

  10. Check back often, sometimes you won’t find anything, other days loads. It really depends on what’s been delivered.
I hope this helps and don’t forget to let me know about your finds

New in at Topshop - April


Monday, 20 April 2009

Dewy Skin

I'm not going to go on about how ground breaking the series of French Elle covers are for not using photoshop because every other fashion blog i love has and quite frankly it's not all that amazing.

Pick up a vintage Vogue from the 80's and you'll see the powdery consistency of caked on eyeshadow and even the hairs on the models arms! wooah!

Instead I will pass on the recipe for dewy skin which consists of
egg yolk; 1 teaspoon honey; 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil; 3-4 drops fresh lemon juice; 3-4 drops pure vitamin E oil and mix well.
Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck.
Allow to dry completely.
Remove with warm water


Some Eye Candy


Style Sightings

Maybe I just have a thing for flags

I'd love this more if it was the union jack.


Agyness Deyn and Henry Holland at Coachella Music Festival 2009

Source : Catwalk Queen

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Nina Ricci Heels

You have to watch this!


Friday, 17 April 2009

Nylon Record Label

Nylon have just branched out into music, starting up a record label. Their first offering is french band The Plastiscines. I ache for the french accent!

Givenchy Glove

Someone get me a bedazzler, Fast!
Source : Fashion Squad

Kelly O

I need this dress! wonder who it is? hmm


Thursday, 16 April 2009

Boat Shoes

I'd love it if my boyf got these, he'd looks so cute but he's not convinced and the navy ones he bought from topman are going back :( *sniff*


£40 from Asos


I've just red via shoewawa that converse are ditching the John Varvato's line for women.
I never really rated the line and was a very much a Chuck Taylor's kinda girl, during 6th form i had 18 pairs! I thought I'd see what they have left in the John V's range but got completely distracted buy the sexy chucks i saw.

I stopped looking at cons a while back, as you can imagine i still have a good few pairs because they last forever and only get better with age! but i might be tempted to get me a new pair



TS Jackets

I love Topshop but some times I do think the take the p---
Two weeks ago they came out with the 9th Kate Moss collection and this fringe jacket which looked awesome on Miss Moss but just really crap instore esp when you considered the £120 price tag


Today looking at the new in they have this lovely sequin jacket at £95 which from looking on the net looks waaaaaayyy better than the overpriced bit bit of tat with Kate Moss's name on the inside.


Sequin Trophy Jacket

Topshop Heavy Link Chain Bracelet + Chain

I like both of these but I don't know if getting both would be over kill.
I might get the bracelet if it pops up in my local TS, cause I'd just wear it more and I think £25 for a TS necklace is a bit much.


Topshop Cropped Jacket By Boutique

I like this jacket, i think it's a shame it's not leather because you would keep it forever but i think it's a good cut and shape if you wanted to break up a boyish figure, still give an outfit an edge but keep it kinda feminine


Cropped Jacket By Boutique


Topshop New in/Wants!

I haven't posted any of my topshop wants in a while because well there simply hasn't been anything i want, but looking at their 'new in' all i can say is when it rains it pours! there is soo much i want!

If this was leather it would looks like something Rick Owens, but being denim and from Topshop it's affordable at £50 and wearable for the summer months


Stud Denim Jacket

£50 Topshop

Topshop Power Dress!

I dunno if I'm just trying to convince myself but i don't think £65 is a bad price tag for this very on trend dress which is 100% silk.

Wait it's dry clean only


Pleated Silk Dress By Boutique


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Fashion Kudos!

Drew Barrymore is getting it spot on in the fashion stakes in my eyes, from that lovely vintage gown to this awesome dress


The Balmain Jacket

I use to hate Vicky B but now i . . .wouldn't go as far as saying i love her but i do like her, and i really do think she looks fab in this balmain jacket, where as. . . . .


. . . . Beyonce in hers makes me want to vomit


Source: Jezebel

Source: glitt3r

Best Pic of the Night


Taken on my Lomo Colour Splash using the clear flash

:Right: Me
:Left: My lovely friend Jodie

Tit-Tape Review

Right I think I've just about readjusted,
a long lazy weekend wreaks havoc when getting back to work.

I had a fab birthday the best one in a long time!
I went for a Kate Moss dress in the end but not the one I mentioned in my previous post.
It’s a gorgeous dress but did require some serious tit-tape given the plunging neck line.

The pack that I got from Primarni was a god sent, esp on two occasions were the straps slipped off my shoulder, the front of my dress stayed up.

I didn’t want to risk anything and due to the dress being a little sheer I used the flower shaped nipple covers which to me were alarming big, very easy to use just peel off the backing which is handily cut in two and place over nipple area.

I then set about using the tape, for those of you that haven’t used tit tape on a reel before I recommend using scissors (which I forgot) and cutting into small inch longish strips, this is very important if you have a dress with a bit of stretch, by spacing out the tape the fabric can still stretch without bunching the tape which would happen with one long strip.

Keep the backing on and place the sticky side on the garment, dot them along the edge, once you work out were you want the fabric to stick on you, peel off the backing and rub down on skin, one at a time.

Because I forgot scissors I had to rip the tape with my teeth so it bunched up a little but was still fine. The tape lasted the whole night, 9.30pm till 4am, and endured my manic dance moves but towards the end of the night (as I got a bit sweatier, nice) I could feel it lose its stick if I tugged on the fabric gently but it still tacked to my skin.


The nipple covers stayed on all night and didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would when I peeled them off.

All in all I’m pleased with my £4 purchase, I would have preferred to have the tit tape pre-cut into strips, like marks and Spencer’s tit tape which has better staying power than primarks but is a painful to peel off. I find pre cut tape travels better and you can slip some into your handbag/clutch easily in case of an emergency

I’m yet to use the racer back converter or the low back converter, but for the covers and tape alone it was def a bargain.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Long Leggys

For my birthday I could like stems like this
Failing that tights like these will do, cheers!


UK Elle May 2009: source Smile

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Topshop Jonathan Saunders

My Topshop parcel arrived this morning I've still not opened it because I know I'm not keeping anything.
I managed to try on the Jonathan Saunders dress in a size 8 yesterday which fitted perfectly.
Its a nice dress but not my birthday dress, it's a bit too formal and because of my hair you hardly see the pink detail.

Please excuse the awful pic quality, I have a nokia n96 and I hate the camera on it


Good Foundation

No no no, i'm not talking about make up.
I'm talking undies or not as the case maybe.

I've decided to go with a Kate moss dress which is lovely short, flowy and flirty, but it is also very deep cut both back and front so no bra and I can tell the straps will slip off.

I thought I'd pop into primani (primark) to see if they had any tit tap and they did me proud not only with the tape but a whole kit. for £4 i now have a low back converter, racer back converter, a reel tit tape (which i swear is just double sided tape) and some wonderful floral shaped nipple covers. dont worry I won't be demo-ing but i'd def be writing a review of how they 'held up'

Friday, 3 April 2009

Who are you?

I've been doing this blog for a few months now and noticed the visitor stats going up which is very cool, but at the same time i'd like to know more about you.
What kinda stuff do you like? Where do you live? What do you do? Do you have your own blog? if so send me a link i'd love to read it.
Of course you dont have to do any of that hello will do just fine

Just because I love this picture


Asos Vintage Jewellery

Oh ASOS how could you do this to me? They have only gone and launched a Vintage Jewellery section, and it is to die for! With a great mix of vintage designer (check the chanel CC earrings!) and just beautiful nameless pieces you are guaranteed to find something you like, but be quick once it's gone thats it!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Heidi Klum in McQueen Boots

Sometimes there is only one word Fierce!

Jessica Stroup Interview

Another one of my girl crushes i think she's gorgeous and love her 90210 character's clothing.
Asos have an interview with her in their online mag, see page 34.
There's also a feature article with Miss Gaga!

Asos Online Mag

Source: ASOS


Preen @ Topshop

There is also new Preen at Topshop but I am less taken with this, partly because of the price points.
In the collection Preen have designed 3 pieces, but in each piece there are two versions a plain one and a studded one, yet the plain version is about half the price of the studded versions, erm hello?

from the top
Sleeveless dress £60 Studded Sleeveless dress £120
Dress £60 Studded Dress £120
Skirt £45 Studded skirt £85


Jonathan Saunders @ Topshop

Kate Moss aside, I'm sorry I have gone on for a bit in my last few posts, Topshop have some treats online.
To start with there is the Jonathan Saunders collection, which comprises of five very wearable dress which use a simple colour pallet.

Two classic LBDs, another two dresses with a pop of colour and one other colour block dress.
The dresses cut are pretty timeless and he has used fabrics that cling to the body enhancing the
female form. The dresses are priced at £75, and the black one with one pink and white sleeve is £85
There are also two bomber jackets in the collection, embracing the sport luxe look.
If it wasn't for the £85 price tag I would consider getting the hot pink one, but i have far too many jackets and just wouldn't wear it enough to justify the splurge.


Reading Festival!

Oh yeah on a random note, can't believe I forgot to share this, I've got my Reading ticket! woop woop!
This will be my fifth, and I'm thinking final. . . Reading festy at least.
I will def be posting my festival advice on here soon so look out for it.

*Prodigy! dies*


Topshop NewYork

I love this picture from Topshop New York


Kate Moss for Topshop: Take 9

It's my birthday next week so looking for the right birthday dress is very important, so i've just ordered 2 from Topshop one from the Kate Moss collection and one from a collaboration with Jonathan Saunders.
I'm a little bit worried about the sizing for the Jonathan Saunders, I know the Moss collection comes up big, so have an 8 in that but I've got a 10 in the JS one.

I'm being good and only keeping one, Which one do you think i should go for?


£75 Jonathan Saunders


Kate Moss Dress £55

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

She does things to me





Mulberry Eliot

There is no way guys can say they get a bum deal.
This Eliot holdall from Mulberry is stunning, I would def be pinching of my boyf if he had it, in fact I'd be doing him a favour cause he's only get it dirty.
I'm the best girlfriend



Miss Adriana Lima

Looking the best i've ever seen her.
I think she is gorgeous and has the glamazon look down to a tee, but I love these dressed down shots of her taken from the March issue of US Elle



McQ for Target

You maybe aware of the McQ range Alexander McQueen has designed for Target.
And though the collection is everything a fashionista on a budget could wish for i was more excited about the promo shots being modeled by Blythe dolls.