Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Top 10 TK Maxx Shopping Tips

Here are my shopping tips for one of my favorite stores

  1. Go at a quiet time during the week, it’s far less busy than on the weekend, and if you can in the morning, the stock is tidy and if you’re lucky you’ll get first pick of a new delivery.

  2. Prepare to spend a while looking. Whilst some people hate the haphazard layout and clothing being grouped by size I quite like it, it gives you the opportunity to see things you wouldn’t normally look for, discover new brand and it’s in your size.

  3. Definitely check out the ‘young fashion’ section they get lots of ‘on trend’ pieces in. I just popped in on my lunch and found look-a-like Louis Vuitton graffiti leggings for £7.99 I’m not saying I’d wear them, but you know, as an example.
    The young section also gets brands such as lulu & red which is much cheaper than the Topshop Oxford Street concession.

  4. If you are shopping with a friend and want to try stuff on use two fitting rooms. I find the fitting rooms a bit on the small size and because I always go in with the max I can take things can get a bit messy!
    Put all the clothing in one fitting room, and take one piece into the other and try it on, hand them back to your lovely friend to put back on the hanger and swap for the next item. Then swap with her and do the same whilst she tries stuff on. This makes the shopping experience a little less stressful and easier, esp if you are shopping for a big event, prom/birthday etc.

  5. I love buying my denim at TK Maxx I wouldn’t get it from anywhere else. I’ve found premium brands at high street prices like Diesel, Clush style which is their skinny jean with zipper detail pocket for £29.99, they can retail from £80 to £120! Actually at £29.99 that’s less than the high street.
    If you are use to a brand and know the style name or number this makes searching easier.

  6. Know your stuff. I can spot brands like Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Ted Baker and Miss Sixty a mile off in TK maxx because I’m familiar with each seasons collection. As time goes on you’ll recognize the stuff featured in your favourite glossies a few months on. This also helps you identify if you really want something or was it just a passing phase

  7. Look at the beauty section; again if you know your brands there are great savings to be made. At the moment St Tropez is rebranding, so the print on packaging has changed, loads of stock featuring the old logo is in TK Maxx at the moment. The gradually facial tanner is £2.99 and it’s still retailing in Boots for £18. They also sell perfumes and great gift sets around Christmas time.

  8. If you are an accessories fan don’t forget to look out the Men’s accessories section, depending on the time of year they get lovely scarves, leather satchels which aren’t displayed with the handbags and belts. They also have a Gizmo section which also sits with the men’s section where they sell wonderfully random bits, like board games, chemistry sets, camping gear, iPod holders, portable speakers, tennis balls… lots of stuff really, but it’s great for gift ideas on a budget.

  9. Keep your receipt, it’s so important you do this, because the stock is every changing and TK Maxx’s inventory across stores so massive, it’s difficult for them to know how much you paid for something and when you bought it, even a bank statement means very little. I’ve also found the price tag is often attached to the garment with the security tag, so may come away when you are at the till point. Make sure you take it with you if you think you might be returning something.

  10. Check back often, sometimes you won’t find anything, other days loads. It really depends on what’s been delivered.
I hope this helps and don’t forget to let me know about your finds

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