Thursday, 2 April 2009

Preen @ Topshop

There is also new Preen at Topshop but I am less taken with this, partly because of the price points.
In the collection Preen have designed 3 pieces, but in each piece there are two versions a plain one and a studded one, yet the plain version is about half the price of the studded versions, erm hello?

from the top
Sleeveless dress £60 Studded Sleeveless dress £120
Dress £60 Studded Dress £120
Skirt £45 Studded skirt £85



  1. *shrugs* I am less impressed with the designer collab this time around than I have been in the past. What was up with the Marios Schwab cutouts? And this bedazzled white dress? Pass for me! And I'm a Preen fan.

  2. I have a stunning top from a previous topshop preen collection, long sleeved with patent cuff detail and a drape-y bit round the neck which i can wear like a hood, think Kylie - can get you out of my head vid white catsuit. And the past Marios Schwabs have been sellout with pieces i'm always gutted i missed out on, not sure what is going on with them. x