Monday, 6 July 2009

Dotty P? Whhaaa?

I don't really shop at Dorothy Perkins, no real reason they just don't do anything for me, they aren't particulary fashion forward, and I don't rate the ranges. So what I saw, when gandering around town with my mum, came as a bit of a shock.


The T shirt has poppers running down the side and if you mixed up the order i'm sure you'd end up with a lovely draping effect, It's also V all saints looking but mucho cheaper at £25.
I love the waist belt which comes in other colours but I'd live in the black suede, not bad at £20 and I know they do student discount.
The acid dress doesn't look much as something we've seen for months now in Topshop but it has cut outs at the side, adding a nice bit of sexy detail, £45.
The rip off Balmain jacket is good but unless it's got those shoulders it's like any other military jacket we've seen. £100

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