Friday, 21 August 2009

My apologies and New stuff

i've been shit a posting for ages, i haven't been on twitter in yonks mainly because i have a new job and its consuming all of my energy, i do love it though. i find myself using my brain and being stressed out. i like it.
ive done a fair bit of shopping in the past few days. reading festival has come and gone and i needed some basics. . . so i ended up with new denim shorts in grey, those butt bearing ones from topshop went back. However cool they look on other girls on their blogs, i now realise i don't live in a blog with beautiful back drops for great photo ops, I live in surrey where those shorts would make me look like a whore.

some awesome basics, white t shirt with ruching detail £3.99, zara sale. it does have a weenie hole but i love the way it hangs and it was a great find in a pile of tat. and if i find a needle i will thread it and hand it to my mum to patch up.


this top but in black i saw it on the ELLE website and tweeted about and a lovely soul told me they saw it in zara a while back, i was sad at the time because zara is a see it by it store, because they sell out quick, and re merch all the time, so i was dead pleased to find it for £3.99 in sale, yeah its a large but i think that makes hang better, with a bikini top under + those shorts. sorted.

i also got a skull scarf. i love McQueen i really do, to the point were if i had to choose one designer to live in forever it would be him, sorry viv your a close second, really close. but yeah, £200 for a scarf £10 from Zara is more like it. good huh? note how nothing is from topshop. . . well in this post anyway.

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