Wednesday, 3 June 2009

London Clothes Show Review

Though I did my placement the week before last, Sip kindly invited me up to the London Clothes Show Live on Friday.

I've never been to LCS before because it's normally hosted up in Birmingham and London Fashion Weekend twice a year is normally enough for me, so I was excited to see how the two would compare.

I have to say I was disappointed, this might be me being unfair as we all know with the recession etc companies aren't spending as much and are cutting back on shows, but given this even is called London Clothes Show I expected there to be . . . well, more clothes. There was loads of make up/hair and body stands

Lush's Never to busy to be beautiful
Fake Bake
St Topez
Famous by Sue Moxley
London college of Beauty Therapy

It was like a giant Superdrug

From the clothing exhibitors they only brand I recognised was Religion, and they weren't selling the greatest stuff either.
Other clothing stands had some ok bits, Elegantly Waisted, a great name for a brand, but sold vintage like band tees which looked just like the amplified ones from 3 years ago, just not as good.

Lots of jewellry stands, some nice pieces but nothing that I'm looking for at the moment.
For shoes there was Steve Madden which had some great shoes but were still expensive, jewel and sparkly encrusted gladiator sandals for £65. . .erm no, not when Tk maxx will have them next summer for £24.99.

The highlight of the day for me was catching a gimps of George Lamb, I think he's lovely, and getting my Ray Bans standard classic aviators for £63, I was a bit worried about if they fake but I've done my research and they are real, which is fab because they retail at £109.

There were lots of magazines stands, if you bought company you got a range of stuff with it including a coral rimmel nail vanish, good on toes would have never bought it otherwise, green mossy rimmel eye shadow , actually nice. Sanitary towels, voucher for 20% of new look, Maybelline foundation sachet.

With Hair Ideas you got some expensive shampoo and spray worth £18, so I got that and gave it to the boyf. He loves a bit of pricey shampoo.

With another hair mag you got a can of dry shampoo, going Reading Festival this year so thought might as well.

On the way out there was a ‘free’ goodie bag which consisted of a T shirt: with clothes show live 09 written on it, I’d rather a canvas bag, a kit kat senses, a new imperial leather wash called skin bliss < it’s amazing and I will be buying again, more sanitary towels, eye drops, freederm face wash sample size, a pouch of fabric conditioner, various flyers, a foot spray and other sachets of make up/creams.

It wasn’t a bad goodie bag if you think its free but the ticket price for CSL was £32 and London fashion weekend is £15/£20. It was also a pain in the arse to get to as the tube wasn't running, If I got free tickets I’d go again but I wouldn’t pay the £32.

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