Saturday, 21 March 2009

Louis Vuitton Spicy Shoes

I didn't think much of these Louis V shoes partly because to me they looked like an indecisive mess, with masses of stuff piled onto them, but since reading an article on The Mail Online I have changed my mind.
The design came about to Marc Jacobs when he was cutting up different fabrics and materials and applying it to the shoe, so technically indecisive mess, every shoe featured in the show was unique and this same principal is being applied to ones available to buy.
I love this idea, I would like to say it justifies the £700 to £2,040, but it doesn’t.


  1. Whoa-- those are crazy! Not sure I'm too into those... But they do look like they could inspire a fun DIY project.

  2. the would def be a convo starter