Monday, 5 January 2009

The Great Depression

We are well into January, well the ‘January’ sales anyway with many stores displaying ‘further reduction signs’ and I can’t help but feel disappointed.
With all the talk of this credit crunch crisis, we were led to believe the sales would be unbelievable with retailers clawing at customers desperate for anything we were willing to spare.

Yet I’ve found myself with very few purchases.

I’ve not been lazy, I’ve faced the cold, trawled the rails, elbows out but I’ve found nothing.
I’m so uninterested at everything I see, maybe it was my summer working in a department store being surrounded by the same stock, day after day, I’ve grown sick of my favourite high street brands, all saints, diesel, reiss and dare I say Topshop?

I need to get my affordable fashion fix and am completely uninspired by the trickle of spring/summer stock I’ve seen so far

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